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YDRO Composting

Streamline and produce compost in 1/2 to 1/3 the time.

Faster production - Potential for increased production

©YDRO 24 (COMPOSTING SITES) contains a selection of microorganisms capable of processing composting material.


Content of minerals, micronutrients,

vitamins and amino acids create ideal conditions for the breakdown of organic matter. By accelerating the breakdown of organic compounds, the composting capacity is increased, which in turn results in a better product in a shorter time.


The batch duration can be reduced by over 50% of the conventional batch time. Better N-P-K and C:N ratio values can be achieved despite the very high ammonia content.


This product eliminates odors both in the environment and in the composted end product and an improved compost quality and maturity is achieved.


It is suitable for open and covered wind fields.


Application is simple, user-friendly and creates none

environmental effect or hazard. Dosing amounts are determined according to local conditions and the layout of sewer grids.

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