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Change - for the better.


The Ydro Process® biocultures contain different bacterial strains. These bacterial products are of natural organic origin, do not contain animal by-products, are not genetically modified and are non-polluting mixtures of facultative bacteria grown on bran.


By implementing the Ydro Process®, it will reduce the waste water's phosphorus content from 12-15 mg/l at the facility's inlet to below 1 mg/l at the facility's outlet. By monitoring that concentration we can add the respective amount of iron or aluminum salts to achieve the desired level of final specification below 0.7 mg/l in the waste water

Natural and resistant

YDRO microbial products have a natural resistance to material that would otherwise be harmful to the microbes. They are therefore able to resist inhibitors such as household disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Global references


Veria in Greece


The Veria sewage plant in Greece has used the YDRO technology since 2013 and is full of praise for the results.

Read their report on the effects achieved by using Ydro Technology.


Druskininka Vandenys in Latvia


The costs for sludge handling have been reduced by over 90%.

Over 90% sludge eliminated using YDRO.

A new standard


Ydro Process® biotechnology allows us to radically improve the ecological situation within environmental protection and optimize sewage treatment plants and sewage network systems. By introducing naturally existing biocultures and enzymes into sewage systems, treatment plants or sludge storage lagoons, we achieve:


  • Elimination of fats and oils

  • Elimination of odors and corrosion of concrete pipelines and channels

  • Reduction of maintenance costs

  • Excess sludge reduction of more than 80%.*

  • Reduction of power consumption up to 50%*

  • Gradual elimination of added chemicals

  • Carbon dioxide environmental footprint (CO2 emissions) is reduced to less than 50% of the existing one.



The application of our processes does not require additional equipment and investments in existing treatment plants, and there is no increase in water prices per capita.

*Depends on the type of facility and total flow capacity

Sewage Site Evaluation
Reduce your CO2 footprint using an innovative method that breaks down sludge ecologically.

Eliminate the need for post-handling and disposal of residual sludge.
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