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Septic Tanks System Installing

YDRO 25 - Septic

For small, medium and large installations

100% natural decomposition
Supplied to the plant in capsule form

YDRO 25 (YDRO SEPTIC) contains a unique selection of microorganisms that enable the user to treat one house or a group of houses with septic/waste tanks.


The high performance of the facultative and aerobic microorganisms in connection with the content of minerals, micronutrients, vitamins and amino acids creates ideal conditions for improved operation of septic tanks and waste tanks.


Oils and fats are broken down at the same time as odors are eliminated without damaging metal, ceramics, plastic or concrete in facilities or equipment.


Blockages and conglomeration of grease are avoided, sludge production in the tank is eliminated and the need for emptying and cleaning is reduced.


The application is simple, user-friendly and creates no environmental effect or danger. When used in waste or septic tanks, it is recommended to add YDRO 25 overnight for the best possible effect.

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